Narrated by
Robert Picardo

Directed and Edited by
Russ Emanuel

Written by
Russ Emanuel
David Carlberg

Produced by
Russ Emanuel
David Carlberg
Margaret Carlberg
Howard Nash

Music by
Neil Argo

Interview Subjects
David Carlberg
Margaret Carlberg
Sharon Sikora
Hieu Tran

Also Appearing on Camera
"Amigos de Bolsa Chica" Members:
Victor Leipzig
Tom Livengood
Shirley Dettloff
Jerry Donohue
Jennifer Robins
James W. Robins
Donna Starr
Mel Nutter
Thomas Anderson
Brian Westcott
Mick Siroy
Sharon Sikora's Family:
Hapa the Dog
Hieu Tran's Family:
Salwani Jaafar
Harris Tran
Carrina Tran

Production Coordinator
Russ Emanuel

Russ Emanuel ... Wetlands Footage
Russ Emanuel ... Conservancy Footage
Russ Emanuel ... Cogstones Footage
Brad Mongeau ... Underwater Footage
Jack Roth ... Additional Underwater Footage
Janeen Berryman ... Animal and Plants Photography
Charles Emanuel ... Additional Photography

Aerial Shoot
Steve Overstreet ... Camera Operator
Kenneth M. Chernow ... Pilot
J.D. Buckwell ... Coordinator
Aerial Cinematography by Sky High Cinema

Sean Fahimian ... Location Sound Mixer
Sean Fahimian ... Boom Operator
Sean Fahimian ... Voiceover Recorist
Russ Emanuel ... Post-Production Sound Mixer

Visual Effects
Russ Emanuel

Miscellaneous Crew
Russ Emanuel ... Location Manager
David Carlberg ... Location Manager
Kenneth Emanuel ... Transportation Coordinator
Jean-Claude Buie ... Assistant Editor
Jean-Claude Buie ... Behind-the-Scenes Videographer
Russ Emanuel ... Website Designer / Webmaster

Special Thanks

AIM Mail Center
Amigos de Bolsa Chica
Barbara Roth
Bolsa Chica Conservancy
Bolsa Chica Land Trust
Bolsa Chica Restoration Project
Bowers Museum
California Department of Fish and Game
Charles and Akemi Emanuel
City of Huntington Beach
County of Orange
Emile Haris
Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe
Huntington Beach Green Expo
Ismael and Keiko Montes
Joe Cassar
John Garamendi, California Lt. Governor
John R. Peterson Elementary School
Loretta Sanchez, Congresswoman
Newland House
Scott Brown
Shannon Plunkett
Trew Audio / Coffey Sound
United States Armed Forces
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Willa Maresh
William Hodge